Year 1

Welcome to Year 1  

We are very lucky to have such a large learning environment.  There are two well resourced classrooms, a small learning room, a large area shared by both classes and toilets.

When the children enter year 1 in September the children are taught in smaller groups during the morning.  Half the class are in the class with the teacher, while the rest of the class access a range of activities linked to their learning, similar to what they experienced in Reception.  The groups them swap over.  Once the year group are settled the children are then taught as a whole class.  We have found this very effective and really supports the children with their transition from Reception to Year 1. 


Our Current Topics

Autumn 1 - Going to the zoo

The children will learn about different regions of the world, about the animals that live in them and the things they need to survive.

Autumn 2 - Seasons

As the weather starts to change, Autumn leaves us behind and winter draws in, the children think about changes in the environment. 

Spring 1 - Dungeons and Dragons

Cheeky the dragon needs help!  The children learn about fantasy stories, princes, princesses and knights.  Can they use what they have learnt to save Cheeky?

Spring 2 - Life in a Castle

Children compare our lives to what life would have been like in a Medieval Castle, they even get to visit one and see for themselves.

Summer 1 - Creepy Crawlies

As the sun rises in the sky and the flowers are blooming the children begin their hunt for mini beasts and make observations about the different insects they find.  

Summer 2 - Growing and Changing

What do plants, animals and humans need to grow?  By the end of term the children will be budding gardeners, know all about what plants need to survive and learn about how humans change as they get older.  Alongside this in PSHE the children learn about looking after their bodies, keeping clean and healthy eating.

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