Year 4

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Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4, we cover many exciting topics throughout the year, with trips to match these themes. As this is one of the middle years of Key Stage 2 we have a high focus on developing independence in preparation for the final two years of primary school.

Our Current Topics

Autumn - The Victorians

We dive straight in with the Victorians. We look at all aspects of Victorian life such as; housing, work, schooling, hobbies and compare it to today’s society. Our focus is also on the reign of Queen Victoria, the monarchy and the British Empire. We have cross curricula links to English where we begin work on a rags to riches story inspired by Oliver Twist. Both classes will have a trip linked to this area of history.


Spring - The Egyptians

Following on from the Victorians we go further back in time to the Ancient Egyptian times. The children learn about daily life in Ancient Egypt, the use of hieroglyphics, the process of mummification, society and religion and finally the importance of The River Nile. Art lessons are also linked to this topic where the children design and make their own Canopic jars. Our trip for this topic is a visit to the Brighton Museum for a hands on workshop and look around the galleries. 


Summer - The Rainforest

Our final topic of the year is The Rainforest. In this topic the children will learn about the geographical locations of Rainforests worldwide. They study the climate and wildlife within rainforests and the human impact on rainforests with deforestation. We also study the art of Henry Rousseau with the children designing their own pictures inspired by his work. The children also start their swimming lessons at St. Luke’s pool which will continue into Year 5.


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