School uniform

Plain black, dark grey or navy
Sensible length and style - knee length
Skirts must be worn with socks or tights and not leggings.
Skirts that fall above the knee
Skirts that ride up
Glittery embellishments
Denim or denim look skirts
Ra-ra or layerd skirts
Tailored school trousers - plain in colour - black, dark grey or navy
(Pupils in nursery may wear tracksuit bottoms)
Tracksuit bottoms (other than Nursery)
Combat trousers
Denim or denim look trousers
Faded look trousers
Skinny style trousers
Shirts and Polo Shirts
Plain white blouses or shirts
White or pale blue polo shirts
No other color is permitted other than white or pale blue
Shorts Plain black, dark grey or navy
No other colour of short is permitted
Shorts should be of reasonable length
Shorts must not be worn over tights
Jumpers and Cardigans
Navy blue 
(jumpers with the school logo are available from the school office)
No other colour of jumper or cardigan is permitted
Plain black shoes or trainers
(please avoid shoes with large logo's or branding)
No other color of footwear is permitted
Heeled shoes
Coloured laces
Tights Plain black, flesh coloured, white, navy or grey
Lacy tights
Footless tights
Socks Black or white
Brightly coloured socks
Leg warmers
Jewellery Studs or hooped earrings (these should be no bigger than a 5p coin) Any other jewellery