School Council 2021 - 2022

Congratulations to our newly appointed School Council for 2021 - 2022

Let us introduce them:

1KC   Archie         1K     Kenley
2B     Ivan             2D    Harrison       
3WA  Louie           3WI  Leo
4T     Isaac            4O   Danny
5N     Ruby            5T    Lena
6M     Lexi             6O    Kacie-Rae

Meeting 1  24.11.2021
We had our first meeting today. The children got to meet each other and we talked about what being on the school council means.  We took photos of the children for our school display and talked about ordering badges that the children can wear.

Meeting 2  23.02.2022
We had our second meeting today.  Sadly we have had to wait until now due to the increased cases of Covid.  The children were very excited to be back together.  They learnt they will be introducing themselves in the whole school assembly on Monday and will be receiving their School Council badge.
We also have a new project to work on!  As part of the Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebrations Brighton and Hove Schools are sending a baton school to school.  Each school then adds a message of Hope and Solidarity.  We are tasked with writing this message and delivering the baton to the next school.  A letter will follow with more information.
Meeting 3 01.03.2022
Today we will be working on our message of Hope and Solidarity for the Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebration school to school baton relay.
Outing 11.03.2022
The Queens Platinum Jubilee Baton arrived on 10.03.2022 and on 11.03.2022 the School Council walked the Baton to it's next destination, Homewood College.  They also delivered our message of 'Hope and Solidarity'.
Meeting 4/5/6 16.03.2022/23.03.2022/30.03.2022
The school have been given some money to plant a tree for the Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.  We have done some research and found out her favourite trees are Oaks and Horse Chestnuts and she planted an Oak tree when each of her 4 children were born. For her Jubilee she is planting trees and encouraging others to do the same.  We found some tree choices that are good for the environment and have asked our classes to vote on them.  By a large majority the classes decided to choose a mixed pack of trees and we have enough left over to purchase an Oak tree too.  We did have some other suggestions we looked into but some options were not available to buy at this time. Once the trees are ordered we will arrange for them to be planted on the school grounds.
Eco-Schools Bronze Award
Eco-Schools Silver Award
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