Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 

The children have now transitioned from being the oldest in Key Stage 1 to the youngest in Key Stage 2.  It is the first big step towards developing greater independence and this will be developed further throughout the year. They will also join the older children on the upper school playground and the football field on warm sunny days.  

Our Current Topics

Autumn - Stone Age/Iron Age/Bronze Age

In the Autumn term, we begin our history topic with the Stone Age exploring the start of human life. We track the remarkable changes in human life through the Iron and Bronze Age. We compare life then to our lives now. Furthermore, during this topic, we design cave paintings, draw ancient weapons and create Stone Age songs. The children fully enjoy this immersion into historical times. In English, we will be writing stories and explanation texts linked to the Stone Age. In Maths, the focus is on place value, addition and subtraction whilst practising keys calculation skills and times tables.


Spring 1 - Celts and Romans/Saxons and Vikings

Our History topic moves on this term to focus on the Romans, Saxons and Vikings. We will be looking at the changes that these very different periods of History brought to Britain. In addition, the children will study the way of life at these times and the similarities and differences between them. This topic will influence the Art and Design Technology that we do. The children be making Roman shields and Roman catapults and finishing the term with making Viking Longships. We will be writing stories and instructions in English and the Maths focus will be multiplication, division, money, measurement (length) graphs and charts.


Summer - Where we Live/Maps

Our topics in the Summer Term are ‘Where We Live’ and ‘Maps’ which both have a Geography focus. The children will be learning about Bevendean through research and fieldwork and we will be out and about in the community gathering as much information as we can. This will include traffic surveys, doing questionnaires and collecting photographs and sketches of the local area. In English we will be writing stories, leaflets and learning how to write persuasively. In Maths, our focus will be fractions, time, shapes, and measurement (mass and capacity) whilst continuing with our key skills and times tables.


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