Learning Mentors

At Bevendean Primary School, we have a fantastic team of Learning Mentors.  They are: Mrs Soudain,  Miss McLeod and Miss Pinnell
Learning Mentors work with pupils of all abilities and ages who need help to overcome difficulties that are getting in the way of their learning (barriers to learning) through supportive one to one relationships and sometimes small group work. We help our children develop coping  strategies, enhance their motivation, raise their aspirations and encourage them to re-engage with learning, to work effectively, taking into account a range of complex issues that can lay behind problems with learning and achievement.                                                       

We help them to:

-  Analyse their situations and identify opportunities.

-  Set realistic and challenging goals that are real solutions to problems and unexplored opportunities that have been identified.

-  See there are many different ways of achieving goals.

-  Use their imaginations to spell out possibilities for a better  future.

-  Choose the strategies that suit them best.

-  Find the incentives that will help them commit themselves to their new  agendas.

-  Choose the right problems and / or opportunities on which to work.


Other ways Mentors help:                                                                 

We support our students through periods of transition (moving schools, family break up, bereavement etc.) by providing emotional support and practical help, working with the children to build life skills such as emotional resilience and empathy.

We ensure relevant people are aware of the impact of change and the importance of support through transition.

We work with outside agencies such as the School Counsellor, Health/social care workers, Integrated Team for Families, which enables us to expand our knowledge and expertise to ensure positive outcomes for our children and their families.


The Rainbow Room

The Rainbow Room provides our children with a ‘safe haven’, a place they can go to ‘offload’ and share concerns / worries with adults they trust.

A pupil with anger management issues can come to ‘chill’ until they are ready to reflect on their actions and repair any damage that may have been caused.

Those pupils who always follow the Golden Rules have a chance to enjoy Treat Time in the Rainbow Room and all the children agree that it is the “best and most fun place in the school”.

Creative Workshops                                                                              These creative workshops enable parent/carer and their children to spend quality time together away from the distractions of home life. This   provides the opportunity to work together 1:1, to have fun and to learn from each other. These sessions are run over an 8 week period and each week we explore themes that  are important in all families from love and respect to behaviour and communication. Each subject is discussed and then developed through a variety of creative tasks such as tile painting, clay work, sculpture and more.



Eco-Schools Bronze Award
Eco-Schools Silver Award
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