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Are you looking for a Nursery and Primary School place for your child?  We currently have places across all 3 Key Stages: E.Y.F.S (Nursery and Reception); Key Stage 1 (Year 1 & 2) and Key Stage 2 (Year 3 - 6).


1.  Nursery:

- Our current intake is September  and January in each school Year; the 1st term after your child turns 3 years of age.

-  New Nursery Parents' Information Session are held in the Autumn and Summer Terms

- If you are interested in a Nursery place, then please contact the school and make a time to visit!  You will be provided with an information pack and Application Form.

-  We look forward to meeting you!



-  All Applications for Reception places must be completed by the middle of January, and allocation of Reception places are made by the Local Authority.

-  Notification of places is confirmed by the Local Authority.

- Please contact the school and we will be more than happy to provide you with a time to visit.

-  Contact Brighton and Hove Council for more information on the application process.


-  Key Stage 1 & 2:

- All Applications for both start of year and mid-year start dates are administered by the Local Authority.

-  If you are looking for a place in Year 1 - 6, feel free to contact the school prior to completing your online Application for a school visit.

-  Contact Brighton and Hove Council for more information on the application process.  



Brighton & Hove Unitary Authority's admission policy admits children to school who are four years old by the end of August before the commencement of the school year.

During the summer term there is a meeting for new parents/carers to discuss ways in which the children's start at school can be as happy and positive as possible. Two play visits are arranged towards the end of the summer term to enable children to meet their new teachers in their classrooms and become familiar with the school layout. In September, the teacher and teaching assistant will visit each child at home prior to them starting school.


In September, following the home visits, the new reception children are admitted over several days so that the children can be received gradually into a settled environment.  Parents/carers are encouraged to try and leave the children as soon as possible to help them get into the classroom routines. If a child has particular difficulties in settling, their teacher would make specific arrangements with you to support you and your child.


For more information and to apply please visit the local authority's website using the link below.

The Local Authority's admissions website 

 The arrangements for the admission of children to this school at age 4+ are made by the Council.

A detailed description of the arrangements is contained in the guidance ‘Infant, Junior & Primary School Admissions in Brighton & Hove’ which can be found at


A hard copy can be obtained from the School Admissions Section, Children & Young People’s Trust, PO BOX 2503, King's House, Grand Avenue, HOVE BN3 2SU (tel: 01273 293653).


However, parents/carers may find it helpful to know that, if there are insufficient places available to meet demand, these will be allocated to children in accordance with the following list of priorities:

i)  Children in the care of the local authority, or who were previously in the care of the local authority;

ii)  Children with compelling medical or other exceptional reasons for attending the school;

iii)  Children who in the coming September will have a brother or sister at the school or at a linked junior school;

iv)  Children transferring between a linked infant and junior school;                           

v)  Other children


If it should be necessary to decide between children within any of these priority groups, this will be done by giving the places to those children who live closest to the school.


Please contact with Admissions at Brighton & Hove Council for September start dates.   


Telephone:  01273 293653   E-mail on

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