Governor profiles

Lydia Majic: Co-Chair (Co-Opted School Governor)  

Background and Interest in Governance:   

The experience and attainment of children in education has always been important to me. As a foster carer (7 years) I have witnessed the profound impact educational attainment and the inclusion of children within the school community has on the children in my care. Education and social inclusion is important for every child. I have a particular interest in governance at Bevendean Primary School and Nursery as I have been a local resident here for the past 13 years and there is really nowhere else in Brighton I would rather live given the diversity in our community. I recently completed my Masters in Law. I have a particular interest in education and child law.  

For a number of years I have worked with an organisation called the Schools Consent Project where I go into secondary schools and teach children the law around consent and sexual offences.  

I am also committed to improving social work practice and work with the University of Brighton, Brighton and East Sussex Council providing feedback and sitting as an interview panel member.  

Training Completed: Governor Induction, Headteacher Appraisal, Chairs Development Programme, Chairs Induction, Well-Being, Finance, Safeguarding. 

Current Term: July 2023 - July 2027 


Adrian Strange: Co-Chair (Co-Op Governor), Chair of Finance, Personnel & Premises Committee  

Background and Interest in Governance: 

I am currently employed by one of the largest employers in the Brighton and Hove area, heading up the Commercial Operations department, and planning transport for the City and managing Contracts. I wanted to become a Governor as I wanted to give some of my professional training and experience back into the community. Being born and growing up in the area and also attending the school in my youth, I particularly wanted to enable my skill set to help and assist Bevendean Primary School to grow and strive in the future. I have qualifications in Business Management, Transport Management, Personnel Management and Health and Safety which includes setting budgets, legislation, logistics and corporate planning which all come in handy when running a school. I have previously been Chair of Governors at the school and seen it grow from strength to strength. In my spare time, I have hobbies in classic car restoration, being a musician (Piano) and a Brighton and Hove Albion football fan.   

Training Completed: Governor Induction, Safeguarding, Chairs Development Programme, Headteacher Appraisal    

Term Expires: July 2025 


Mark Dally: Headteacher 

Background and Interest in Governance: 

I became the Deputy Headteacher at Bevendean Primary School in January 2016 and joined the Governing Body as an Associate Governor at the same time. Whilst being an Associate Governor means that I cannot vote on the decisions that are made, I feel it is really important as a Senior Leader of the school to be on the Governing Body. I contribute to the discussions, clarify the school’s position on all sorts of matters and am always happy to answer any questions that Governors may have. 

Bevendean Primary School is an excellent school; the children who attend are engaged, inquisitive and have a love for learning. They are also very lucky to go to a school where their parents, the staff and the Governors at the school have such a passion for their education and improving their life chances. I feel very lucky to be part of Bevendean and being a member of staff and the Governing Body means I get to support our children and the community and in many different ways. 


Sarah Miller: Associate Member 

Background and Interest in Governance: 

In September 2017, I joined Bevendean Primary School as a teacher and have taught in Year 6 and been Maths lead for the past 5 years. In 2019, I was made Assistant Head and recently joined the Governing Board as an Associate Governor. Even though this means I cannot vote on the decisions that are made, it is interesting for me to be part of the wider conversations that are had and be able to contribute where necessary to give context to discussions if needed. 

I love being part of Bevendean Primary School and Nursery. The impact we have on our children’s lives is incredibly important and something that I strive to achieve. Our children embrace the opportunities they are given, enjoy their learning experiences and aim to be the best version of themselves. The staff team and governing body clearly work together to ensure our children get what they deserve: the best! 


Eugene Arnold: Co-Opted GovernorChair of Curriculum Standards and Pupil Welfare Committee 

Background and Interest in Governance:  

I am a technically minded person with a thirst for learning all thinks technical and risky. I currently work for one of the world’s largest financial companies as a risk Analyst. I have a very wide remit due to working in the same department for 14 years. 

My employer, on occasions arranges for groups of Employees to attend various schools to do book readings with children. I took part in this exercise and its what first got me interested in children’s education. 

I wanted to become a governor because I heard from friends who were governors about how educational it was and how the decisions they made had a big difference. I am not from Brighton but have spent most of my Brighton residency (25 Years) living in Moulsecoomb and Bevendean. I like the area very much and I want to give something to the local community. I feel children are such an important part in the shaping of the future they should be getting the best education possible.  Good schools need good governors!. 

My hobbies and interests: 

I like learning how things work; I literally take technology apart to see the inner workings of the hardware and coding inside. I found this helps me better understand the whole picture. 

Football: I am an Arsenal fan. Enough saidJ 

Ancient History: I have a vast interest in ancient history 

Technology J I am a very big geek J 

And of course I love spending time with my family and close friends. 

Training Completed: School Development Planning, Training Link Governor Network, School Finance: The School Budget, Sound Financial Management, Budget Monitoring and Forecasting, Governor Induction, Headteacher Appraisal & Objective setting, Safeguarding & Child Protection  

Term Expires: July 2025 


Mary Carmichael:Parent Governor (Wellbeing Link Governor) 

Background and Interest in Governance:  

I am a Bevendean resident with 2 children who attend Bevendean school. My interest in joining the governing board at Bevendean School and Nursery was because I am invested in my children’s education and as a local community member, I wanted to contribute to the local school expanding and thriving. Bevendean is a magical place to live, with rich diversity in a rural setting just outside of the city. It is unique and I feel very lucky to live here. 

I work for the YMCA DLG as a Family Mediator, providing space and support for parents/carers and their children to strengthen their relationships with the main focus being the reduction of youth homelessness. Within my role I am highly skilled in identifying safeguarding issues, building rapport with children and parents, and providing therapeutic based interventions that support families moving forward.  

I appreciate the importance of education and am currently retaking Math’s GCSE at the ripe age of 40 to be able to further my career within the social care sector. Within my role as Wellbeing Link Governor, I hope to build relationships with teachers, staff, and pupils and to have a holistic approach in supporting them all to continue to work and learn within the best culture possible.  

Link Governor Role(s): Wellbeing Link Governor 

Declaration of Interest: Children at the school 

Current Term: May 2021-2025 


Kendrick Tugwell: Parent Governor

Background and Interest in Governance: 

I've lived in Brighton all my life, mostly in Moulsecoomb and Bevendean. I attended Coldean Infants & Junior School, Falmer High School(Now BACA) and went on to further my education at City College(Now Brighton MET). 

I currently work for an American software company where I lead the design and implementation of cyber-security solutions for some of the largest companies across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I have a strong background in all things Information Technology.  

Bevendean Primary & Nursery is an excellent school with a warm and inviting culture. As a parent governor, I want to help grow this culture and enhance its reputation across the local area. 

Hobbies and interests: 

As you can imagine, I love technology. My free time is usually spent tinkering with gadgets, 3D printing things, or writing code. Outside of that, I'd be playing Minecraft with my son. He's obsessed! 

Also, I'm a massive football fan. I will watch every single game I can get away with(Minecraft usually takes priority!). I, of course, support Brighton & Hove Albion. 


Alice Johnson: Local Authority Governor.

I am the Local Authority Governor for the school and I work within the Economy, Environment and Culture Directorate at Brighton and Hove City Council.  My interest in school governance stems from my own recent experience in education and the experience of children I have met while volunteering.


Katharine Winks: Staff Governor

I am a teacher at the school and have worked here for over 20 years. Our school is absolutely amazing and it has been wonderful to watch it grow from strength to strength over the years and to also be a part of that development. I am deeply committed to supporting the pupils and families in our Bevendean community and I absolutely love being a teacher. My children also attend our school and seeing them succeed and develop in such a nurturing and fun environment has been a pleasure. The outdoor space that our school has to offer is superb with a wildlife area, trim trails, outdoor gym equipment, 2 large playgrounds and trees galore, making our school a really lovely envirnoment to teach and learn in.  I became a staff governor 7 years ago and very much enjoy being part of the wider school team involved in strategic development and the present and future decisions that make our school the best it can be. 
My hobbies and special interests are; cricket, music, films and spending time with my family.
Olumide Olorunfemi: Co-Opted Governor

Background and Interest in Governance: 
Appointed from July 2023, As an enthusiast in the fields of development and governance, I consistently strive to create a positive impact and contribute back to the community. I currently volunteer at Results UK, a non-profit organization advocating for universal education and affordable health and nutrition services in the UK.
It's indeed a great privilege to have the opportunity to contribute to the development and effective management of this primary school. My aim is to support the staff in their roles, participate in policy debates when necessary, and aid the school in achieving the best possible outcomes for its pupils.
My professional background in project management and impact evaluation equips me well for this role. I look forward to employing these skills to aid the school in maintaining its successful service to the neighborhood, and to facilitate continuous improvement in the realization of its vision.

Training Completed: TBC

Current Term: July 2023 - 2027
Eco-Schools Bronze Award
Eco-Schools Silver Award
Healthy Schools Cornwall