We currently have vacancies for three Co-Opted Governors (appointed by the Governing Body) and we are ideally looking for governors with legal or financial experience, with the time to commit to this important and rewarding role. If you already have experience of governance this would be ideal. 


Before applying we ask that you read our "About us" and "Become a Governor" pages to gain a better understanding of the role and the commitment required.  


Once you have done your research please email our clerk Andrew Thomas with any questions you may have and to request an application form.  


What happens next? 


Step 1:  

Your application is received by the clerk and forwarded to the chair of governors and the headteacher. 


Step 2:  

You will be invited to an informal meeting with the headteacher and the Chair of Governors 


Step 3:  

Your application will be sent to all governors for review and you will be invited to attend a full governing body meeting where you will be able to meet other members of the board. While this may seem daunting it is a chance for you to get to meet the other governors and for them to get to know you.  


Step 4:  

During the meeting you will be asked to leave the meeting and governors will then discuss your application and governors will discuss your application and vote on your application.  


Step 5 

In order to give you the confidence and knowledge to participate in your new role we will provide the following: 


Induction - If you are successful you will receive a full induction which will cover the structure of meetings, the role of each governor, what the expectations are regarding emails, participation at meetings, preparation for meetings.  


The Clerk - Our clerk Andrew Thomas is a huge source of knowledge and experience who will only be too happy to answer any questions you may have. Andy has been clerk to governors for over 4 years and knows the school well.  


Mentor - You will be assigned a mentor who will be able to answer any questions and make sure you have everything you need to fulfil your role 


Training - Brighton and Hove City Council (BHCC) provides full training programme for Governors which covers a full induction which must be completed within the first year of becoming elected. Other training courses which are available cover, Finance, Headteacher Appraisal, Healthy and Safety, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and so on.  


Governor Support - BHCC also has a dedicated governor support department, who can be reached either by phone or email to answer any further questions throughout your time as a governor. They also provide networking opportunities for governors to meet from other schools to meet and share ideas.  


National Governance Association (NGA) - There is also the ability to access the NGA website that has articles and other information on governance, which is also a very useful point of reference.