Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club aims to deliver a high quality and affordable service which is available for families at Bevendean Primary School and it operates as a not-for-profit service.
We continue to ensure the healthiest breakfast options are on offer to your child. Wholegrain cereals are available, low in sugar and salt. These contain fibre and nutrients and provide slow release energy to keep children feeling fuller for longer. High fibre breads/toast with a healthy choice of toppings are available daily, as is fresh fruit, yoghurts, fruit juice and water.
We serve ‘specials’ twice weekly, which range from cheese toasties to continental type breakfasts, baked beans on toast to waffles topped with fresh fruit. The children are encouraged to eat a wide variety of food, develop skills and knowledge around diet/ health and to take part in fun activities thus giving them the best possible start to each school day. We know that children who eat a healthy, well balanced diet are better able to concentrate within the class environment and are more likely to be receptive to learning.
But our Breakfast Club is not only about food, the children, from Reception to Year 6, sit together to eat in a relaxed environment. They chat, learn to share and cooperate, all of which are very important life skills.
Thank you for your continued support and please feel free to contact me with any ideas you have about promoting or improving the service, or to discuss this letter further.
Mrs Soudain
Eco-Schools Bronze Award
Eco-Schools Silver Award
Healthy Schools Cornwall