Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 

Now the children are the oldest in the school they are starting to think about their secondary school choices.  They are also working towards their SATs (Statutory Assessment Tests) which are taken in May by all children.  The children are prepared for these throughout the year by all the adults who work with them.

Our Current Topics

Autumn - Ancient Greece

Mythical Monsters invade year 6, where we learn about a variety of myths and legends including the monsters and characters involved. We investigate the difference between city states, debating which was the most effective way of living and how it is different compared to the current day. They will learn about life back then and how your life varied depending on your gender and where you lived. By the end of the topic, children have their favourite god or goddess, explaining their significance to the past and present.

Spring – World War 2

At the beginning of the topic, children are given a real-life experience of an evacuation as used during WW2 to ensure the safety of the civilians. Hearing the original declaration, from Neville Chamberlain, sends the children straight back to the day that the world changed for so many. The children investigate which countries support Great Britain and which were our enemies, learning facts about how those difficult decisions were made. Throughout the topic, children learn lots about the way of life and develop empathy for the children that were involved in the Blitz and evacuations to safe areas of the country. Following the timeline of events, we follow significant events: Battle of Britain, downfall of Hitler and VE day. The topic ends with a Fabulous Finish for children and their families, involving jive dancing, WW2 singing and WW2 recipes.

Summer - Madagascar

This tiny little island holds so much information that the children are keen to learn about. The wide variety of animals and their habitats are the main focus for the topic, looking at the uniqueness of many of the inhabitants. Lifestyle and tribes are new additions to the topics, comparing them to our situations and deciding on which one we would most like to join. The term is ended with a residential trip to Broadstone Warren and our Leaver’s Assembly.

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