School Council 2018 - 2019

School councillors: 208 - 2019

1B Joey V                     1W  Lola Mae
2JC Georgina                2W Poppy
3DK Lois                      3O Riley
4O Jess                        4D Leighton
5W Phoebe                   5D Riley L
6C Isobel H                   6M Tamem 

Meeting 1  9.11.18

Newly elected school councillors were congratulated and given new notebooks for meetings. Introductions were made and responsibilities were explained. All year groups fedback their classes feelings about the homework policy most of which were positive with a few asking for more English, Maths or craft activities. Year 6 explained their homework menu tasks and all the school councillors liked the sound of this. They liked the idea of all year groups getting a chance to have homework like this. Mrs King will ask teachers if this can be trialled in the summer term.

Meeting 2 16.01.19 

The children came with ideas for new golden time reward activities. Key stage One had a range of great ideas including parachute games, cooking, arts and crafts and mini beast hunting. Year 3 and 4 wanted more opportunities to play football, do yoga, use the ICT suite, have free writing sessions and play with wet play games. Year 5 and 6 wanted to play football rounders, capture the flag and have an opportunity to go to the ball pit. As a result of this meeting all teachers have added new choices to the weekly golden time activities and children have been enjoying trying these out.   


Meeting 3 13.03.19

The children came with ideas about how to spend some of the money raised by FABS from the Christmas fayre. They had asked their class how they would like to spend their allocated  £30. All the classes were very sensible and came up with some fantastic ideas such as buying new books for the book corner, electric sharpeners, new wet play games and colouring pens and pencils. Mrs King has forwarded these ideas to the FABS organisers and we are hoping to be able to spend this money in the summer term. 


-Please let me know if there are any other things that we could focus on during the next two terms and I will put some dates into Bev calendar. I might ask for their ideas about promoting growth mindset to go alongside my staff audit if that is ok with you. 


At the first meeting when we discussed homework the children really liked the idea of choosing activities from a menu in the way that year 6 do. Is it possible to give them the opportunity for this at the end of the summer term? is there a small slot in a staff meeting for teachers to discuss/plan this over the next few weeks? No problem if not.