School Council 2018 - 2019

School councillors: 208 - 2019

1B Joey V                     1W  Lola Mae
2JC Georgina                2W Poppy
3DK Lois                      3O Riley
4O Jess                        4D Leighton
5W Phoebe                   5D Riley L
6C Isobel H                   6M Tamem 

Meeting 1  9.11.18

Newly elected school councillors were congratulated and given new notebooks for meetings. Introductions were made and responsibilities were explained. All year groups fedback their classes feelings about the homework policy most of which were positive with a few asking for more English, Maths or craft activities. Year 6 explained their homework menu tasks and all the school councillors liked the sound of this. They liked the idea of all year groups getting a chance to have homework like this. Mrs King will ask teachers if this can be trialled in the summer term.