School Council 2017 - 2018

Our School Council for 2017 - 2018

 Year 1:  Ava Josephy-1B  /  Aiden James- 1M 

Year 2:  Lily-Mai Lock- 2O  /  Poppy Speed, 2JK

Year 3:  Mia Brazier- 3G  /  Tia Verduyn- 3T

Year 4:  Jayden Taylor-4S  /  Alfie-Dave Richards 4W

Year 5: Bethany Ancell- 5S  /  Demi White- 5W

Year 6:  Edward Kirby- 6M  /  Reef Brotherton-6D

Launchpad: Colby Martin

Staff: Mr Giddens (Headteacher)


School Council Meetings: 2017 - 2018

Meeting 1: 

After initial introductions, the School Council discussed the improvements and work that had been completed over the summer to make the school better.  They also liked the new interventions and that they would boost their learning.  They suggested more Sports Equipment for the playground.  The 'Sports for Schools' fundraising money would assist with this; an order has already been made for KS1 & KS2.  

Meeting 2: 02.11.17

The group got together to discuss the definition of bullying and what forms it may take. We then discussed ways we could prevent bullying in Bevendean as responsible school council members. The children came up with lots of great ideas which we will try to implement, particularly on the playground! 

Meeting 3: 16.11.17

This week the group were discussing the successes of our Anti-bullying house event and pinpointing our favorite part of the day. We asked ourselves 'What did we achieve?' and came to the conclusion that we; are all different and should not be bullied because of that, we received great advice as to what to do if we are feeling bullied (from our raps) and we also worked together as a house, the older children cooperating with the younger children in the school.

We reflected on our new PE lessons with our coaches and established that they are very successful due to the fast pace of the lessons and the great level of skill and knowledge that the coaches possess. 

The children were given a list of all the new sports equipment we have ordered as a result of the Sports for Schools money we raised. The Councillors were very excited to spread the news to their classmates!

Meeting 4: 30.11.17

This week, the group were talking about the meaning of Christmas and what is important about the celebration. We shared our favourite parts about the day whilst remembering that not everyone celebrated Christmas and receive expensive gifts.

Meeting 5: 13.12.17

No Meeting due to Christmas Productions and rehearsals

Meeting 6: 25.01.18

Agenda: 1.  P.E. Coaching  2.  Playground Gym Equipment  3.  Smart TV's

1.  All said that they were enjoying the P.E. Sessions; children must bring their P.E. Kits.  Mr Giddens, Edward and Reef are going to prepare and give a P.E. Survey for 10 children from each class to complete.

2.  All School Council were keen for playground Gym equipment for the KS2 playground.  We looked at some pictures of these and selected some favourite items.  Mr Crampton to attend the next meeting with some pictures / designs. 

3.  School Council said that they really liked the Smart TV's; specifically: they were a lot clearer, really 'smart' to look at, if the pen breaks you can use your finger, very practical, alot bigger ...! 

Meeting 7: 08.02.18