Yes ... we do have a Nursery, with places available, open all day Monday & Tuesday 8.55am - 3.10pm and Wednesday 8.55am - 11.55am. See page above for more information

Please contact the school office 01273 681 292 for information about Reception, and Year 1 - 6 school places - spaces available!
10.01.19 - We are experiencing a problem with our telephone lines and you may not be able to contact us. Some calls are getting through. You may email us on if necessary.
We are waiting for the engineer. We do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
16.01.19 - Please note the engineer came out today and at this stage the lines are still faulty. We are working on this behind the scenes but atm only 2 lines out of 6 are working - hence the intermittent situation. We will keep you updated.
*Please note that Thursday 17th January is Census Day for all schools. The school dinner menu will be swapped with Friday's menu. We encourage children to have a dinner on this day as it will affect our funding going forward. Thank you.

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