September 2017

6th September 2017

Dear Parent/Carers
Please find attached a copy of the year 3 visit on Thursday 12th October. letters are coming home in Book Bags tonight.
Kind regards
Bevendean Primary Schooll
Flu Vaccinations for children in Reception, Y1, 2, 3 & 4
Dear Parent/Carers
As you may be aware your child is entitled to a free flu vaccination. The school nurse immunisation team will be coming into school; like last year on Monday 4th December to vaccinate your child.
If you wish your child to have this vaccination; which is simply a nasal spray, you need to fill in the consent form coming home today and bring it back to the school office or your class teacher.
There is a lot of information available explaining all about the vaccination; so if you have any questions or any concerns they should be covered in the documents on our website and attached to this.
After reading all the information if you still have a question please contact the immunisation team on 01273 696 011 or go to NHS Choices website (search for flu vaccine) or alternatively send an email with you questions to
We are hoping that the immunisation team will be coming to our school next Tuesday 19th September from 2.45pm in the lower and upper school playgrounds to answer any possible questions. We will keep you informed of this via our website.
Kind regards
Bevendean Primary School
Dear Parent/Carers of Y1/Y2/Y3/Y4/Y5 & Y6
Please find attached a copy of the letter coming home in Book Bags tonight along with a copy of a Sponsorship Form. 
Thank you for taking the time to read this and taking part.
kind regards
Bevendean Primary School