January 2021

COVID-19 Information - Update Page
-  Friday 29th February, 2021
The Child Care booking form will be available from Tuesday 9th February from 8.00am, and close at 8.00am on Wednesday 10th February.  This is for child care bookings for the period: Monday 22nd February through to Friday 5th March, 2021.
- Tuesday 26th January, 2021
Data Protection Online Form - You can now access this online form by clicking (Click Here) . or scan the QR code above on your phone or tablet * Please complete one form per child at the school!
Monday 25th January, 2021
The Booking link for Child Care will open at 8.00am Tuesday 26th January, and close at 8.00am Wednesday 27th January. This is for Child Care from Monday 1st February - Friday 12th February, 2021. Please read the information carefully and complete each section. Click Here to access the Child Care Booking Form.

Friday 12th February is the last day of school for the half term break.  
1.  Child Care

Child Care will be provided to those families that require this.  There will be a limited number of spaces per child-care bubble. 

Please use the link to access / book child care arrangements and the school will be in contact with you regarding a place.  

We continue to use the criteria of Critical Worker- PLEASE CHECK THIS AS IT HAS BEEN UPDATED. 


All Child Care places will have to be booked. This is not first come first served.

The Admissions criteria is prioritised as:
1. Critical Worker Children - where both parents are Critical Workers and both working during the school day full time.
2. Critical Worker Children - where one parent is a Critical Worker and no other parent is at home or able to provide childcare.
2. Vulnerable Children - by invite.

A letter from your employer will be required outlining your working days / hours / pattern. Critical Worker employers are able to provide this.

To clarify, Child Care Provision is only open to children:

-  whose parents are Critical Workers and working on the dates / times that the children are in Child Care Provision,

-  who have a social worker- by invite

-  who have an EHCP (Vulnerable) - by invite

-  who the school have offered a place to.


As the school returns to Childcare Provision, please read carefully some of the changes that the school has had to make.

Child Care provision can be booked in two week blocks.

-  If your child can access Remote Learning at home then they must access this at home and not attend Childcare Provision – there are limited spaces available and staffing capacity is changing daily.

-  If there is another member of the household who is at home and can provide Childcare then children must access this as often as possible. This is also not about if they are capable of doing this role - if they are home, your child should be also.

-  Bevendean Primary School and Nursery may not be able to offer places to everyone who applies hence why we are having to be stricter over the allocation process.  As before, you are applying to be considered for a place - applying does not mean you have been given a place.


1.  Should You Be Sending Your Child Into School? 

-  A question that is being asked by many, parents, school staff, is: ‘Should you be sending your child in to school?’  This continues to be a huge area of contention and something that is causing all Headteachers huge concerns.

If the government continues to add adults to the list whose children they think should be in school - either as a Key Worker or due to their home circumstances then we might as well be open to everyone!  And currently, this is not safe.  I do not wish to be increasing the risk for adults and children by having more people in school, especially when death and infection rates are at their highest.  If we are open to everyone then it is not safe.  The number of cases and deaths will continue to rise and lockdown will be in place for months and months.

We have seen a greater increase in people wanting places in school this time hence why we are having to be a lot stricter about the criteria.

Please read this article which echoes the thoughts of many Headteachers, school staff and parents.  https://www.theguardian.com/education/2021/jan/06/a-third-of-my-staff-are-off-sick-with-covid-19-a-headteacher-speaks-out

We are expecting the government to have to make additional changes as the lockdown is clearly not working yet and schools should not have the number of children in them that many are seeing.

Bevendean Primary School and Nursery parents / carers have thus far been very understanding, however, please read everything carefully and consider what has been said before applying for a place.  Also, be prepared that if numbers increase further, we will have to start limiting numbers further and saying NO to parents in all categories: Key worker and Vulnerable children. 

The Health and Safety of all: our staff and children, is the number one priority and responsibility of the school.

Finally, our staffing levels will also impact enormously on the provision we can provide.  Staff are working across one of five bubbles when providing child care.  It might be that a drop in staffing levels means that a child care bubble is not able to open.

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