December 2021

The school is hoping to invite parents / carers in to school for Christmas Performances, but the following control measures will be implemented to ensure everyone's safety. 

Control meaures highlighted in RED are particulary important for those vistitors coming into school. 

Given the ongoing higher rate of cases in the city for school age children we would recommend schools consider the following points when planning the management of visitors to your settings.

  • Avoid the use of small / poorly ventilated spaces. If your visitors are to come inside your building please ensure the space(s) is well ventilated
  • Encourage the use of face coverings – the government expects and recommends that they are worn in enclosed and crowded spaces where you may come into contact with people you don't normally meet
  • Encourage the use of lateral flow tests before coming to your event – for delegates attending training courses, we request that they complete a LFD test within the 24 hours prior to attending a course, so suggest you can use the same timeframe for visitors
  • Provide good and regular hand hygiene facilities including having (supervised if in a primary setting) hand sanitiser available at reception so anyone entering the building can sanitise their hands on arrival
  • Remind visitors of the importance of not attending if they are experiencing any Covid symptoms, no matter how mild, if they have tested positive or been told to self-isolate or required to quarantine. You may wish to consider extending that to ask people not to attend if anyone within their household is experiencing symptoms / has tested positive (if they are unvaccinated and have had contact with a positive case they should self-isolate anyway)
  • Register of all visitors/contractors kept
  • Avoid overcrowding in all areas
  • Maintain social distancing where possible
  • Minimise time groups spend together when in school
  • Minimise mixing e.g. keep end of term activities to class groupings rather than year group or whole school
  • Arrange your visits at quieter times during the day or evening
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